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"In today's cost conscious health care environment it is essential to have strong and accurate financial knowledge for decision making. Healthcare Affiliates, Inc. has provided valuable expertise in a wide range of financial areas to help put us in a stronger financial and competitive position. Their knowledge of the health care industry, their professionalism, and their integrity has made them an essential part of our organization's decision making process."

--Dennis R. Markos, CEO
Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital










Employee Benefit Costs

With employee benefit costs ranging from 18 to 28 % of salary cost, this area has high potential for cost savings without a change in the benefit levels. We review data available for a peer group of hospitals as well as market-driven data to assess your hospital's position in your market. Impact can be made on a number of areas of concern, based on our experience and new approaches to solving problem areas.

Benchmark : If your total benefit cost is at the high end of your peer group or if you feel that a particular area of benefit cost is high, this may be an area to be reviewed.