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"In today's cost conscious health care environment it is essential to have strong and accurate financial knowledge for decision making. Healthcare Affiliates, Inc. has provided valuable expertise in a wide range of financial areas to help put us in a stronger financial and competitive position. Their knowledge of the health care industry, their professionalism, and their integrity has made them an essential part of our organization's decision making process."

--Dennis R. Markos, CEO
Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital










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General Overview

HAI has been successful in its efforts to increase its clients' reimbursement levels or financial performance because HAI not only brings decades of experience to the project but a 'single-mindedness' that allows us to focus This Way on a component of an issue or problem until we reach its logical conclusion. So often a hospital's staff can initiate action on an issue but then is distracted by any number of ongoing day-to-day concerns. Recently, in a discussion with a client after a successful AWI engagement it was stated " ....of course you should be able to increase our AWI, you've just completed the work on 30 hospitals in four different states, that's more S-3's than I'll do in my lifetime ". That kind of recent, diversified, and effective experience is what sets HAI apart from other firms. We've been there and now want to put our experience to work for you. Since we specialize in the areas listed below, we as a firm, can stay as current as possible on these issues.

If we have contacted you, it is because we have been able to identify potential reimbursement issues at your facility. The process of identifying potential clients is based on a number of data bases and a profiling program that has resulted in a 96% success rate. That is, our profiling techniques have allowed us to pursue clients that appear to have specific reimbursement opportunities and be successful in all but 7 of the 1500 engagements. Since most work is done on a contingency basis, it is very important to us that we are certain we are not wasting either your time or ours.